The Farm

An event is a moment in time. It has a flow, a change, a breath and flexibility to it. It has its needs and its emotions, visions and movements. The farm is built to suit your changing needs, your different dreams. In all their sizes, big or small.

We invite you to experience the various sections in our venue.

The Lawns

Open and green spaces overlooking the lake from all angles, the lawns on the farm are the most natural base for any celebration. Healthy, well-kept, and carefully tended-to, grass paints the garden in green under the blue sky. The grass beneath our feet, the view on the water’s edge, the beauty of the garden during the day and its intensifying charm at night. It all creates the sense of being in the heart of a remote and magical reserve. And that’s exactly what we aimed for.

The Hall

1,200 square meters of indoor, spacious hall at our disposal. With advanced sound and lighting systems and large transparent windows overlooking the garden, the hall is our way to experience and enjoy the beauty of the garden, while at the same time gaining control of the weather.

The Amphitheater

The amphitheater on the farm is impressive, inviting and exciting. 4,000 seats with a direct view of the lake and a large and spacious concrete plaza create a rich platform for hosting live shows and multi-participant events, a canopy facing the water, or any other dream waiting to come to life. Our amphitheater plays a major role in the garden.

The Greenhouse

An additional 530 meters of transparent space, adjacent to the main hall, is built every fall to provide us with warm space even on a stormy day. The Greenhouse exists between Hol Hamoed Sukkot up until Passover eve.

The glass house lets us experience the garden even from indoors and gives us the space we need on cool nights to rejoice without limits.

The Greenhouse is designed for gatherings, receptions, canopies and small events.

The Island

Across the wooden bridge, in the heart of the lake, between the willow and plane trees, we built an island. One half is a green lawn and the other a smooth concrete surface.

With the trees that create a natural partition and the water quietly surrounding the space, there is room for intimacy under the great blue skies.

חוות רונית דף הבית

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