Ronit Farm

Welcome to the place where you celebrate life

An eighteen-minute drive from Tel Aviv and a few minutes East of Kibbutz Shefayim, lie seventy dunams of a natural and green refuge.

One in which you hear nothing but the sounds of the wind playing in the leaves of the trees and the birds and ducks, who gather each time to witness this wonder, called – happy people.

Here, you won’t find concrete, skyscraper rooftops and speeding cars. Only natural and open space, water, earth and sky waiting to receive you.

Celebration comes in different forms. As do we.

The farm takes on a unique shape and varies from one event to another.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, performance or corporate event, Ronit Farm knows how to dress accordingly.

Weddings on the farm

We're meant to be together. Now it's clear. Let's do it in the most natural, most accurate place, for our new connection with the universe. May we be as eternal as nature.

Corporate Events

The farm is a venue with decades of experience, licenses and all necessary approvals. Business and corporate events require a unique and personal treatment tailored for each event. With us, you can spoil your people, and be sure that any vision can be carried out, every dream can be brought to life.

Parties and Shows

Festive celebrations of all kinds. An exciting Bat or Bar Mitzvah, a meaningful birthday - the farm is happy to celebrate with you, no matter what you are celebrating. With a 4,000-seat amphitheater, the farm can also host parties and festivals, artists and bands of all shapes and sizes.

Winter on the Farm

Winter is the savior of the farm. The winds, the lightning and the rain, cause nature to erupt in all its glory. When the temperatures start to drop, we gather inside. Winter events on the farm are an intimate and extraordinary experience. An island of warmth in the midst of the cold outside. The plane trees and the prairie in the fall, the raindrops shining on the large glass windows, the evergreen lawns. They all become a breathtaking beauty of an Israeli winter. Our winter.

The Greenhouse

An additional 530 meters of transparent space, adjacent to the main hall, is built every fall to provide us with warm space even on a stormy day. The Greenhouse exists from Hol Hamoed Sukkot until Passover Eve. The glass house lets us experience the garden even from indoors and gives us the space we need on cool nights to rejoice without limits. The Greenhouse is designed for gatherings, receptions, canopies and small events.

Local Kitchen

Ronit Farm is the most beautiful stage and Local Kitchen is the perfect performer. Talented and imaginative chefs receive fresh raw ingredients and the freedom to create a special meal for you that will be remembered. Flavors that will stay with you over a long period of time and complete your experience with us.


Ronit Farm's bar

Alcohol loves us and we love it back.

Raising a toast with our loved ones is the right thing to do.

A precise drink is as important as cooking the steak to perfection, as the balance of flavors in each bite, as the right song at the right moment.

We at Ronit Farm understand that.

Because of the hundreds of acres and lots of trees, because it’s close enough to Tel Aviv but also far enough away, because of the spacious hall, the magical lake, the island and the wooden bridge, because of the amphitheater and its four thousand seats, because of the silly ducks with their orange feet, the Marino sheep and the horses, because of the magical rural landscape, the infinite green spaces and the scent of the hay, because of the blue skies and also because of the good soil. Because of the breeze, but mostly because of one thing. Because of the spirit.

Get In Touch

Contact us when you’re ready to start planning your special day.

We’d love to celebrate life with you.

חוות רונית דף הבית

Get In Touch

Contact us when you’re ready to start planning your special day.

We’d love to celebrate life with you.