Local Kitchen

מטבח מקומי חוות רונית

An event with Local Kitchen begins outside. A large wood-burning stove and working hands, cooks and waiters lean over small portions of new, happy and colorful Israeli cuisine.

Chopping, mixing, sprinkling and seasoning.

Inside are set tables, candles being lit, and guests enter into a celebration of beauty.

In the center are open kitchens with gleaming pots and handcrafted utensils, wooden planks, huge knives, with more and more dishes coming out of the kitchen.

Baked breads and vegetables flooding the table, meats leaving from a half-ton smoker, goldened fish separating from a stone oven, Israeli wines are poured, plates full of all that is good pass from hand to hand, a true Mediterranean feast.

The smell of coffee in the air mixes with the smell of sweet pastries from the oven, around stands full of magic, chocolate, baked fruit and sweet dough.

Then, the cart comes out to the dance floor, hot pita bread filled with delicious goods, and leave us full. Joyful moments.

The Chefs

רון בן דורי

Ron Ben Dori

Dedication and love for the landscapes of his homeland led Chef Ron Ben Dori to bring his great culinary expertise to Israel. With an international CAP degree he acquired in Paris at the distinguished Ferrandi and Lenôtre institutes, and many years of experience and specialization in his field, Ron returned to Israel to establish one of the leading catering companies in the country. After two decades of fruitful endeavors, Ron set out on a new path following the original flavors of seasonal cooking.

He established his new kitchen among the wide gardens that stretch around Ronit Farm, in the midst of the Sharon area. With plenty of field crops and fragrant air in bloom, every day is filled with locally inspired cuisine, for serving high quality and exclusive meals. Today, Ron leads Local Kitchen with a unique array of flavors, expressing the annual circularity of nature. A strong desire to give leads him to connect personally to each of his customers, to know their desires, their dreams, and to formulate together a concept of flavors that spice up the experience of hospitality on the farm, and make it complete. The personal connection nourishes the dream fulfillment process and fertilizes it. From the collection of raw ingredients, a wonderful menu is built, which is a sure recipe for wealth and joy, for an unforgettable meal, and for an event full of taste and love that is engraved in the memory and in the hearts of you and your loved ones.

חיים סבג

Haim Sabag

Established Maasiya in 2004 after studying in Israel and wandering around various restaurants in Israel and around the world (Yoezer Wine Bar, Jaffa; Liberty Launch, Sydney-Sue Chef; Sugar Loof, Sydney-Chef; Bar-Tzelona, ​​Tel Aviv-Chef).

Haim plans the menus and events. The cuisine, under his management, is characterized by contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and influenced by the cuisines of Italy, Greece, Spain and France. The many travels he embarks on around the world bring him to create new dishes, form a deep familiarity with raw materials, and perfect different cooking methods. A new concept for classic dishes and the use of unique serving utensils. Ronit Farm and Local Kitchen are a continuation of natural development for Maasiya and for Haim. The great possibilities that the farm holds in its lap along with the growing of raw materials, tremendous planning versatility and precise cooking capabilities adjacent to the event, make it possible to plan events full of imagination and creative joy.

חוות רונית דף הבית

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